WATCH: South Carolina Aquarium releases 3 sea turtles back into ocean

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina Aquarium on Tuesday is hosting a public release of sea turtles from its Sea Turtle Care Center.

The release will take place at 10:30 a.m. at Folly Beach County Park.

The aquarium will release three Kemp’s ridley turtles back into the ocean: “Baby Bell,” “Yoshi,” and “Colby.”

Baby Bell was brought to the turtle care center in July after it had been caught on a fish hook off of Folly Beach.

Officials said the removal of the fish hook from Baby Bell’s throat only took 11 minutes. The turtle spent the next few months in recovery.

In June, Yoshi was caught by an angler on the Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier. The good news is that the hook fell out on its own when the turtle was caught. The bad news is that Yoshi was thin and dehydrated with wounds and exposed bone on its shell.

The staff treated Yoshi’s shell wounds topically while giving the turtle antibiotics.

Colby’s time at the Sea Turtle Care Center started after being caught at the Garden City fishing pier in June.

Officials said Colby was only tangled in the line and not hooked. Even still, officials said Colby was thin and dehydrated with multiple abrasions on the face and body. Once Colby finished antibiotics and had a good appetite it was ready to head back to the ocean.